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Skin Peels

Treat damaged or ageing skin and make your skin glow with health

There are many and varied types and strengths of skin peels available. Your skin will be assessed to determine the best course of peels for your skin and skin concern. For example, the type and strength of peel prescribed for someone with hardened sun damaged skin will differ to someone with very sensitive and red skin. All peels are designed to remove the outer layers of dead skin cells and encourage the production of new cell turnover and to restore the skin’s acid mantle balance which is paramount for the health of your skin.

Peels can assist with treatment of sun damage, acne, dryness, redness and to help improve general skin ageing. A course of peels is recommended to provide the most effective results to make your skin glow with health. A great treatment before a special occasion! Peels are also recommended as skin preparation before commencing IPL skin rejuvenation, PDT, Skin Needling & Factor4. Come & find out why our bespoke peel protocol has such an amazing reputation within the industry & all over town.

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