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Next generation of PRP Treatment’

You may have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy [PRP] aka the ‘Vampire Facial’. Enter Factor4, a more advanced & targeted blood derived anti-ageing treatment than PRP using your body’s own proteins by harvesting a small sample of your own blood used to reduce lines, sagging & rejuvenate your skin. Your skin will naturally accept Factor4 as it contains your own growth factors & cytokines-a super concentration of them due to the unique collection tubes & incubation process [4-10x more compared to PRP].  This concentration of growth factors is what makes it superior as a treatment for anti-aging and skin tightening. When reintroduced into your skin via our fractional needling device, these growth factors stimulate collagen production, boosting your skin’s firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, improve scarring & minimize pores.

With just one blood draw you will have enough serum for 4 treatments at selected intervals [usually 2 weeks], then yearly maintenance sessions are recommended. Factor4 helps to achieve a younger, brighter, healthier complexion while improving the tone & texture of your skin with minimal discomfort & minimal recovery time. Factor4 treats:

  • Saggy and/or crepey facial skin and laugh lines
  • Crow’s feet, wrinkles under the eyes, crepey skin under the eyes and dark eye circles
  • Sun-damaged skin, skin pigmentation, deep wrinkles and age spots
  • Crepey neck skin and other forms of sagging skin
  • Chest wrinkles and décolletage wrinkles
  • Saggy skin on arms & hands and knee wrinkles
  • Scars and stretch marks

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