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We had the lovely Megan Marx visit us here at Medical Aesthetics Geraldton last week upon her return from her OS adventures in Bali & Denmark. Was great to catch up & also hear about her upcoming projects she has planned.

Megan booked in with me as she wanted to discuss improving the shape & profile of her nose. She had heard & seen examples of dermal filler being used on noses with incredible results & could I do this for her-the answer was yes! This can be a great non-surgical option to improve the appearance of the nose-no real down-time, instant results & less invasive to the body & bank balance compared to surgical correction. So we got to work…

First off, nose filling injections are an advanced technique for experienced injectors & should not be attempted without a very sound knowledge of facial anatomy to avoid serious complications. I cannot stress this enough-this is for advanced & experienced injectors only so please do your research & stay safe out there.

There is nothing wrong with Megan’s pre-filled nose-she simply wanted to reduce the ‘ski-jump’ appearance at the bridge to make it appear more refined & straight. To the untrained eye the results would be undetectable & that’s perfect-the best compliments are in the subtlety ie.’gosh you’re looking well’ or ‘your skin’s looking amazing’…words to that effect.

As with all my clients I always assess the individual for risks verses results & discuss in depth the look the client is after. This is not a process you can rush & taking time to get it right is paramount. Dermal filling is an art as well as a science-the science of face sculpting if you will. Megan’s nose filler treatment took just over an hour including planning & assessment time.

As you can see-I was able to ‘lift’ the bridge to reduce the ‘ski-jump’ shape & straighten the bridge itself & also lift & narrow Megan’s nose from the tip right through to between the eyes. Megan had a very slight deviation of her nose which we have now straightened so its more central in her face. The tip of Megan’s nose is much less ‘bulbous’ & we’ve also been able to lift the septum between both nostrils to create a slightly more petite shaped nose from all angles. Very natural results that will last at least a minimum of 9-12 months.

Finally & most importantly, Megan is very happy with the results & was also more than happy for me to disclose her cosmetic treatment in detail so that others can be informed about it-in fact it was her idea for me to write this blog-she doesn’t mind who ‘nose’ about it…see what I did there! Couldn’t resist:)

About the author

I am a cosmetic nurse practitioner & injector who in 2008 opened my first non-surgical cosmetic anti-ageing clinic-MEDICAL AESTHETICS GERALDTON. Almost ten years later I’m still here, business is booming & I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge & experience. There is no doubt that working in this industry is a life calling for me & therefore a huge passion of mine. I never take for granted the fact that I’m doing something I truly love. Over the last ten years I have seen many changes to client mindset & expectations, treatment protocol, skin products, treatment systems, legal requirements & industry reputation. I have so many amazing experiences to draw on- some purely anecdotal & personal as well as amusing & fun & others more informative & educational. One of the biggest issues I see to this day is the confusion & misunderstanding of anti-ageing treatments out there in the general public. It’s a struggle to find your way through the cosmetic industry minefield of ever increasing amount of treatments, products & conflicting recommendations from both industry professionals & non-industry people. I want to share my own personal experiences & expertise in a short, concise, fun & informative way without having to write a novel (am still working full-time so time is precious)-enter my mini-blog! Am excited to share my knowledge & stories with the aim of it being quick & fun & also hope that you learn something along the way.

Life is short & so are my mini-blogs! Here’s to getting to the point…you have google for the rest!

Thanks for reading-much love & understanding to you.

Karen Rowe
Registered Nurse
Senior Cosmetic Practitioner