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Ok firstly it has to be said…I absolutely love love love what I do for a living. It’s an honour & a privilege to be working in a field I’m so passionate about. Cosmetic injecting is a wonderful treatment option for signs of ageing &/or age prevention or even to add a bit of contour & volume to bring out the best in your features. Freshening the face & facial features is truly a great boost to self esteem & self confidence & you can trust me on that-I see this ALL THE TIME. This is a treatment you choose to do just for you & is not for anyone else to judge. It’s your face & your decision-just make sure you choose a Registered Nurse or Doctor that you trust has your utmost safety in mind with a sound knowledge of facial anatomy & physiology & a proven track record of great results. If you shop on price alone then you have been warned.

I started cosmetic injecting in 2010 & since that time I have attended many incredible training sessions with some of the world’s most renowned injectors & trainers. In the last 12 months alone I have been fortunate to have been one of only a few injectors through-out Australia selected to attend 2 exclusive all expenses paid training sessions in both Melbourne & Sydney. What an absolute thrill & a much appreciated recognition of my skill, service & dedication to the art & science of cosmetic injecting from the industry itself.